Providing quality products is KOPL’s utmost priority. Working with a well equipped lab every shipment undergoes a series of checks and measures which are performed by adequately trained personnel and deviations are treated with utmost precision. After comprehensive lab tests, the Quality is confirmed for dispatch only after complete verification. 


Methyl Cellosolve

Butyl Acetate



Ethyl Acetate

Iso Propyl Alcohol

Methyl Ethyl Ketone



Acetic Acid

Butyl Cellosolve

Industrial Solvents

Cleaning Thinner

Something For Everyone

A good business derives its value from machinery which runs on a scheduled maintenance programme having regular cleaning embedded as its preventive maintenance checkpoint. We provide this solution for better upkeep of your machinery. Which has a compounding impact on the life of your machinery.

Foil Thinner

Quality Products

We accept orders for this high-end quality product. Let us know the amount your business requires, and we’ll make sure to get your items to you in no time. We guarantee the products we supply are top notch, however, if for some reason you’re unsatisfied with our product, let us know and we’ll be happy to customise it, upto your satisfaction.

NC Thinner

To be used as a base coat

NC thinner is used as a base coat to remove stains from the wall and is to be mixed in 80:20 or 70:30 ratio for even application of paint on the wall. This adds to the durability of the wall which prevents cracking and gloss retention for PU Thinner. NC Thinner has various applications like walls, auto etc.

G.P. Thinner

Goods You Need

This item is among the best selling products we supply at Khandelwal Orgosol Private Limited and is a real customer favorite. We suggest you check out our inventory to see if this product is available, or contact one of our representatives to make an order. We guarantee you won’t be able to find better quality elsewhere.

Wooden Polish

Wooden Polish

A widely accepted product popularly known in the market as french polish is used in the furniture industry for protection of wooden surfaces, thus enabling long life of furniture. Polish thinner evenly spreads on all types of wooden surfaces.

PU Thinner

For Final Coat

This product is widely marketed as the premium product used for even application of high quality paint. The product is at par with the widely distributed product marketed by well known companies as PU thinner. We provide the same quality at competitive price.


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With an aim to meet the shoe industry located in the region, we supply top quality softener which is a widely accepted product used by leading export shoe houses. It meets with the specifications as required by the requisite norms.


Quality Products

We manufacture vulcanising rubber solution using high quality raw material which places our product in the top-notch category. 
We also distribute adhesive for laminating of flexible packaging by Brilliant Polymers.


Quality Products

We are the dealers of Sakata Inx since 2005 and have been long associated with this company and well known to distribute the products of this company in the market. As is the ethos of KOPL, Sakata Inx Pvt Ltd. is a quality producer of inks.