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Guaranteeing Your Satisfaction

Providing quality products is KOPL’s utmost priority. Working with a well equipped lab each and every material undergoes a series of checks which are performed by adequately trained personnel and deviations are treated with utmost precision. After comprehensive lab tests, the processed material is confirmed for dispatch only after complete verification of the entire quantity so that the customer gets the value of money which they pay for.

Team work
Our Team

Our team of staff consists of competent personnel - both working at the desk sitting in the office and others involved in material handling and production at the shop floor. Relentlessly working to fulfil the business demands. Chemicals near you.


In order for our supply chain to work efficiently, We have a ready fleet to ship material to our customers, which enables us to meet the supply demands.

Director's Note

We always focus on achieving greater volumes in our business and at the same time; keep our procurement and operating costs low. This has helped in offering our customers lower prices consistently. Our business model is thus based on the concept of offering higher value for money, being our credo.

Over the years, this credo has created a win-win for our customers and other stakeholders. We try harder each day, offering customers more than just delight. We positively surprise them with a pattern of constant and new rates on a regular basis. At the same time, we are focused on expansion to leverage a better buying power and economies of scale, that allow us to retain margins while offering fantastic prices.

In our journey of quality products at great value, we are encouraged by our customers. Through our interactions and engagements, we learn more about them, and their needs. This enables us to serve them better, and in turn, widen and deepen our loyal customer base.

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Nitin Khandelwal


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